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Enable discussion

Automated Moderation

  • 100% comment-monitoring quota
  • 24/7 protection of hate and spam
  • save up to 90% of moderation-time
  • increase the time users spend on your site and ensure their return

Enhance your Brands reputation by letting the good quality of your comment-section reflect on you.

Understand your Community

Analytics & Insights

  • activity by time, channel, interaction type
  • topic specific segmentation
  • cross channel connections
  • behavioural profiling

Adressing your audience with relevant information based on their actual needs is the key to bind users to your page or even convert them to paid services.

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Approach Users

Activation & Engagement

  • community internal engagement features
  • adress users directly threwout any of your channels
  • incorporate chatbots
  • extend specific campaigns

Win your users over by smart engagement to convert to paid services. Conversario offers the oppertunity to select and approach specific usergroups.

Simply turn it on

easy intergration

  • plug & play for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, disqus
  • full stack plug & play solutions for onsite communtities
  • flexible API connection for existing CMS

Wether you already run a community or you are looking to enhance your site with a modern comment section - We are ready to assist you with proven solutions.

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