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Conversario supports you in managing your community and protects it 24/7 from attacks. It is the answer to sustainable, measurable and successful community management.

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Conversario analyzes 30+ Million comments each month.

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We focus on your needs as a Community Manager.

Community Manager

Community Manager

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Why Conversario?

Plug and Play

Plug & Play

Conversario can be connected to various channels where dialogs happen, like social media, apps or chats. Monitor the complete communication of your community within a single tool.

AI Support

AI Support

Conversario runs 24/7 to protect your community from hate speech and spam while supporting constructive discussions.

Time Saving

Save Time

Conversario automates menial, time consuming tasks that distract you and your team from daily business. Simply launch the tool and focus on important community management tasks.

Learning Process

Continuous Learning

Conversario constantly learns and its decisions can be corrected by you. Based on your community activity, an assistant gives you advice on how to increase engagement.

Which digital channels supports Conversario?

A single tool for all social channels

Social Channels

and your own digital channels.

How does Conversario work?

automated protection for your community
recognize power users and their impact
develop a key audience and increase usefulness of your community
sustainable relationships between your brand and your users

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