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With intelligent automation, we push the work of dialog and community specialists towards a new efficiency level.

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We develop the best AI-Tools for Dialog Managers and Community Builders


First moderation AI models for WELT and Bild are developed and used.

conversario Facebook is launched and is first used by FAZ and ntv. By the end of 2017, more than 10 customers are already using conversario.


The development for conversario Coral + as an AI-assisted commenting tool for onsite and apps starts.

conversario Social is being expanded with the connection of the YouTube and Instagram channels.


conversario Social expands and focuses on dialogue management and community building.

More than 60 publishers and media houses use conversario.


Conversario supports LinkedIn and starts developing its own engagement platform engagently. New publishing customers use conversario in Austria and Switzerland.

Increasing efficiency in Dialog Management and sustainable Community Building

AI-Solutions from Bernau near Berlin

We do not believe in one solution for the many different requirements that are placed on our customers. Therefore, it is important for us to work out a suitable and individual variant together with all stakeholders. The conditions and needs of the task area and its employees set the pace.

What we do

The ability to conduct real-time and parallel multi-channel dialogue will become a critical success factor for digital business models in marketing, community, sales and CRM in the coming years.

Against this background, conversario combines the advantages of NLP (natural language processing) and AI (artificial intelligence). Smart automation solutions are integrated into dialogue-based business processes. We build, operate and improve tools for real use cases. Conversario is the leading provider of community software and moderation automation in the German-speaking region and is transferring this innovative edge in a targeted manner to other business areas such as dialogue marketing and CRM.

Who we are

We are more than 15 specialists who stand by our clients' side every day with expertise, experience and commitment. Our focus is on computer linguistic competencies, which we have developed and expanded in numerous successful customer projects. On this basis, we develop AI services for the automation and evaluation of online communities and continuously improve them. It is important to us that we always develop the workflow functionalities of conversario close to the needs of our customers. This ensures full transparency and freedom of action for the managers of the suite.

And what about customer support? We attach particular importance to this! Conversario's linguistic and tool CRM is available around the clock via Slack channel. The positive feedback from customers encourages us in our work. That's why their success is our most important award.


NLP ‚natural language processing’

Real-time understanding of text-based dialogue data is an indispensable prerequisite for the implementation and expansion of automated processes. The conversario idea and its AI modules rely on sophisticated machine text analysis methods that are permanently adapted and improved.

AI & Automation

‚artificial intelligence’

Whether logistic regression or neural networks - machine learning and intelligent automation are at the core of our solutions.

Conversario is a thought leader when it comes to applications of AI algorithms for user-generated content and community management processes. The tool feeds the machine with qualitatively processed dialogue data to ensure optimal learning success and minimal error rates.

Big Data

We process, analyse, store and search dialogue data in any quantities in real time. We develop new AI models in close cooperation with our customers in a three-stage process consisting of PoC, MVP and productive AI.

The finished conversario data backends are available plug & play, preferably as SaaS applications.


Integration of conversario AI via OAuth, API or backend into the respective dialogue channels improves the degree and quality of automation.

In conversario, the AI results are processed directly and transparently. The functional UI and the intuitive UX of conversario also promote the authority to act for the managers of the tool.

Linguistic Support

Language is not only regionally different or platform-specific, it is above all subject to constant change.

With our linguistics support team, we help our customers to optimally integrate new language phenomena into conversario Moderation AI

AI Consulting

Process automation is one of the biggest levers of digital business models in terms of efficiency. However, this is also associated with fears of a loss of transparency or sovereignty. We gain trust in our AI solutions through extensive customer consulting in advance. Benefit from our head start in experience.

100% Fokus auf die Bedürfnisse der Dialog- und Community-Spezialisten

As soon as all desired channels are linked to the conversario platform, the AI modules can start their work. Conversario offers full transparency and authority to act. Intuitive design, advanced context functions and coordinated collaboration workflows enable dialogue and community management at the highest level.

  • sustainable quality improvement thanks to learning system and modular architecture
  • optimised user experience thanks to intuitive design
  • dialogue and community management at the highest level thanks to extended context functions and coordinated collaboration workflows
  • more overview and great time savings thanks to uniform and cross-platform backend

Modular assistive Intelligenz für nachhaltiges Dialog-Management und Community Building

Modular assistive intelligence for sustainable Dialogue Management and Community Building

Assistive intelligence helps by successively automating well-defined processes in dialogue and community management of any type and scope. Through the use of specialised AI, the complexity, data volumes and time pressure for the dialogue and community teams become manageable again.

To ensure consistently high processing quality, several AI modules specialised in different tasks are integrated and coordinated in conversario. It particularly focuses on the community building aspects of moderation and interaction.

The goal is to record the initial engagement of users, to prolong it and to transfer it into a stable community relationship. The success of community building can be measured directly by the community KPI. At the same time, the impact of each individual user-community interaction can be seen in these key figures.

In this way, not only the community and dialogue management team learns, but the conversario AI modules also save best practices in real time and make them permanent.

For us, it goes without saying that the individuality of each community must be taken into account. The conversario AI modules therefore offer extensive adaptation functions that fine-tune the extent and intensity of the automation.

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