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We want to make dialog and community management fundamentally easier. While the conversario AI handles processes that take time and nerves, you focus on strategic and creative solutions.

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Your passion for dialog management is ours

At conversario, we've made it our mission to take a great amount of work off the shoulders of dialog and community management teams. From now on, you can leave time-consuming or nerve-wracking tasks to conversario.

New capacities will be released for

  • high quality dialog with your users, your community and your customers
  • more inspiration and creativity for content creation
  • important breaks to not lose sight of the essentials
  • strategy planning and analysis of your campaigns

Following this mission, we have been developing conversario since 2017 – always in close collaboration with our customers. They are the center of everything we do. We listen to them, understand their goals, processes and optimization potential. With every experience gained in the heterogeneous dialog and community management teams, conversario learns. New insights are constantly included into our work and the conversario tool itself. According to the principle of collective intelligence, the entire community of conversario users benefits from the continuous improvements of our community building suite.

AI on the individual needs of customers

We work with the community management team to identify key problem areas and tune conversario AI to meet their needs. NLP, machine learning and AI technologies are used.

Efficiency and quality through automation

Maximizing time with assured execution quality is our guiding horizon. The conversario AI modules work 24/7 to execute the processes entrusted to it in real time with consistently high quality.

Transparency and control for managers

The community team has full insight into the AI's decisions and can overrule them at any time. This feedback flows directly into the systematic improvement of the underlying algorithms.

Dialog and community management as a critical success factor of the future

The continuously increasing use of digital media confirms our conviction that sustainable dialog and community management will grow into an indispensable success factor in digital business. Potential customers will increasingly seek initial and follow-up contact with a product offering or a brand company via social channels – and it is crucial to be prepared here. Building and supporting large, sustainable, and agile user communities based on the values of the company's core brand is the foundation for this. The art is to increase the benefit of the community in order to benefit from it yourself – a win/win situation! The psychological core mechanism of community logic, which drives and motivates users, is benefiting from each other. Dialog and community management teams are thus faced with a special challenge, which they must meet every day in a highly complex and time-critical action environment. One thing is becoming increasingly clear: only companies that ensure efficient dialog and community management with qualified and motivated managers will be in a position to support users in the customer journey from initial contact to conversion.

  • Does my product/brand take place in social media?
  • Do I devote adequate resources to social media and community management?
  • Am I connecting users to my product/brand through interaction and community building?

Dialog and community management as a complex field of action

Comment moderation Community managers are responsible for an increasingly broad field of activity with a large number of processes that are complex and time-critical. Community managers protect the community from toxic content such as hate comments, spam and attempts to exert harmful influence. User engagement Community managers capture the constructive engagement of users and convert this initial interest into a sustainable and dialog-based relationship. User activation Through dialog, community managers identify the relevant needs of users, offer solutions, and invite participation. Community building For successful community building, they need real-time indicators of the currents and user groups within the community. It is also important to be able to correctly interpret the 'tone of voice' of the community. Community managers incorporate the insights gained into their own organization, create connectivity to and between users, or are simply available to everyone 24/7 in customer service. Shitstorms The best-known task of community management teams is to moderate and avert sudden crisis situations, such as (organized) shitstorms. Here, they have to react not only strategically but also very quickly.

  • Is my community management team capable of satisfactorily performing the complexity of the task?
  • Do I have sufficient staff and time resources to respond to community needs at all times?
  • Am I moderating my community in a way that strengthens the sense of community or am I constantly busy fending off hate speech and shitstorms?

Dialog and community management as an interface from customer to company

Community managers are the link between users or customers and the company. On the one hand, they act as a mouthpiece for the brand – on the other, they are attentive listeners to the needs of the community. They are at the forefront of all questions, comments and criticism and have the opportunity for direct exchange with users. Constructive dialog can only be observed in a few communities in the rather impersonal environment of online communication. Thanks to this fact, community managers face a great challenge and often feel left alone in their day-to-day business or do not receive sufficient support. This is why a change in thinking and the strengthening of social and community management teams is absolutely necessary. This must benefit the employees and moderators, but ultimately also the community operators. Because the user experience on the Internet is already shifting more and more to social channels. We read and discuss articles on Facebook, we store and comment on Instagram, and we enjoy entertainment on Tik Tok – who is actually still on traditional websites? Potential customers first come into contact with a product offering or a brand via social channels. Only companies that establish highly efficient social and community management with qualified and motivated community managers will be able to support users in the customer journey from initial contact to conversion.

  • Do I have a social/community team that is able to adequately manage all my dialog channels?
  • Do my users experience a satisfactory customer journey, e.g. via my social channels?
  • Am I taking advantage of the potential of community building to generate leads?

This is how we develop conversario together with our customers

Because no two communities are alike, each community management has its own requirements. We understand these individual facets and feel the need to incorporate them into the further development of conversario. Our primary focus is to work with our customers to gain a common understanding of the extent to which automating their community processes is technically feasible on the one hand and economically viable on the other. The implementation of jointly defined AI projects takes place in a three-stage agile process based on concretely defined success KPI, but also termination criteria. This promotes the alignment of the development stages with the mutual expectation horizon.


What is desired? What is feasible? Is it economically valid?

Proof of Concept

Is the data basis sufficient? Is the unboosted analytics quality adequate? Are precision and recall fit?

Minimum Viable Product

Does it work as stand alone AI? Does the feedback channel work? Is it fail-safe?

Full Solution

design of the fail-safe system integration into the customer process live walk and supervision support

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