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Frank KohlsFrank KohlsHead of Social Media Data, Infrastructure & Development

"We use conversario for 3 years now and we're very satisfied with the tool. With about 1.5 million comments per month on about 150 social media channels, the software makes our work in social media management easier. We save lots of time and nerves through the comment categorisation of the conversario AI. Once it is well fed with data, it not only acts in moderation around the clock and thus also at times of absence, such as at night, but also always reliably and with a low error rate. This allows us to fully concentrate on the implementation of the new brand presence on our social channels, but never lose sight of the comment columns."

Ariane FriesAriane FriesHead of Community in the Social Media & User Dialog Department

"We have been using conversario for several years to moderate user comments on our social media accounts. For the relaunch of in 2020, we decided to work with conversario to edit our onsite comments as well. The comment section was completely revised and now offers our users the opportunity to participate in the debate and exchange views on a wide range of topics. In total, our users write well over 2 million comments per month on and on our channels in the social networks. In community management it is important to us that we can interact with our users in a targeted manner on the various platforms. At the same time, the requirements of the respective teams for communication with our communities are very different. Conversario is a reliable and flexible partner. Both when it comes to general enquiries as well as new developments and troubleshooting."

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Thomas LeidelThomas LeidelEditorial Manager Community & Social Media

"Discriminatory comments, hate speech and spam are reliably filtered by the tool thanks to the intelligent and high-quality AI. The more data available to the AI, the better the sorting of the comments. Conversario's range of functions, which includes, for example, time and strictness settings for moderation, allows there to be periods of time when our channels are monitored by the tool alone. This is an indispensable support, especially during the night hours. From an economic point of view, conversario is also a recommendation for all social teams. The tool makes the organisation and management of the various communication channels more efficient and manageable for colleagues."

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Your dialog and community management team's best friend

The heart of conversario is built by four AI modules which take on a variety of tasks and complement the community management team in a meaningful way. Conversario offers helpful functions that facilitate, structure and optimise daily community work. While all modules work together, each AI module follows a specific benefit and thus enables community management and community building – also onsite – at the highest level.

Conversario Protect


Moderation AI

Regardless of the size of a community, users and content must be protected from toxic influences around the clock. Every experienced community manager is aware of the variety of dangers. Conversario Moderation AI, the leader in the German-speaking market, knows almost all phenomena and offers automatic response options based on experience. Trolls, of course, always find ways to infiltrate digital channels with toxic content or undesirable behaviour. That is why we are constantly developing our moderation AI. In this way, we ensure a permanently high standard of protective functions.


  • multi-level real-time analysis procedure
  • individual strictness regulations
  • domain-individual base corpora (news, social, consumer)
  • individual Lexico and rule set (masking, whitelisting etc.)

Use cases

  • 100% protection against hate and spam comments
  • up to 95% time saving for the moderation team
  • ensuring a constructive basis for interaction
Conversario Detect


Analytics AI

With the 'Detect' function, conversario users receive valuable insights into the effect of interaction measures on their own community building. The Analytics AI proactively detects community drivers that are crucial for success and passes these signals on to the other AI modules. In a second step, Analytics AI evaluates the effects of interactions on the behaviour of the users involved, taking into account different time intervals. With the help of a 'target/actual' analysis, the results are also compared to the targets of the Community Building.


  • KPI at user level (new users, active users, etc.)
  • KPI on interaction level (constructive thread, important comment etc.)
  • KPI at community benefit level (dialogue quality, user contact rate, etc.)
  • KPI at impact level (viral topic, internal community networks, etc.)

Use cases

  • increased transparency of the behaviour of community user groups
  • faster recognition of early indicators
  • better assessment of community development
Conversario Interact


Dialog Assistant

Interaction with users, building a community base, expanding with new members, in-depth exchange on important topics - these are the core elements of communities. Unfortunately, this dialogue-oriented part of community building is usually given far too little attention these days. This endangers user loyalty and the length of time they stay in the community. But only those who manage to build up a positive relationship with users have a chance to inspire them for further company offers.


  • prio-task list with auto-updating (key audience, key topics, key events)
  • action indications for ad-hoc moderation
  • individual response and text templates
  • partially automatic interaction execution

Use cases

  • interaction focus on the currently relevant users
  • sustainable assurance of the ability to engage in dialogue
  • dialogue-based user loyalty
Conversario Connect


Organisation Assistant

The holistic organisation of a company's communication presence sometimes presents community management with enormous challenges. The basic mission of uniform communication across all channels usually fails due to technological details and/or the multitude of tools required for this. With conversario, all dialogue channels (social media, onsite systems, dialogue apps, forums, etc.) can be connected and organised. Teams can be created in the tool, whose members can be assigned the necessary roles and rights for processing the individual channels. Further important building blocks for communication coordination are available via the 'Connect' cockpit. Team functionalities ensure that enquiries from the community are processed quickly and easily by interdisciplinary teams.


  • channel health & connection listener
  • multi-level tagging functionality (users, assets, teams, comments, etc.)
  • extensive notification functionality (team, tasks, opportunities, etc.)
  • AI & lexico regulation cockpit & smart topic listener

Use cases

  • ensure consistent brand communication across all channels ('one voice')
  • quick identification of important tasks and direct assignment to solution specialists
  • orchestration of community building across all channels from one tool

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