Transparency and Control for your Moderation

Conversario provides you with second-by-second transparency over the entire comment moderation process across all your channels. It enables you to meet the high standards set by the EU-wide Digital Services Act (DSA) while remaining flexible and efficient.

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Conversario AI
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  • risk-free AB test
  • works conflict-free with other tools
  • GDPR-compliant and legally secure

Flexible Moderation with Full Control

With conversario, you and your Community Management Team maintain full flexibility, control, and security over comment moderation across all channels. Moderate important discussions manually and let the moderation AI handle the rest. Choose between granular strictness and timing settings and gain valuable time for dialogue with your users.

DSA compliant Transparency and Documentation

Conversario documents every action to the second and provides this information in a clear timeline. This allows you to provide information on each individual moderation process at any time. This broad data foundation creates a gapless documentation of your comment moderation.

DSA Reports, Reporting, and Authority Inquiries

With conversario, you can process and document comments reported by users in a separate area. This makes you more accountable at all times to the reporting individuals, affected persons, and/or authorities. Via API, you can easily retrieve the data you need for your regular reporting. The number of reports and their average processing duration can be directly derived from the database.

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