TikTok management in no time

With conversario, you have a powerful assistant on board. It supports you in all moderation and dialog tasks and offers you a colorful range of features for successful community management.

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Why conversario for TikTok?

No more chaos in the comments section

Conversario gives you a clear overview of all the comments on your TikTok channels. You can also filter your comments by channels, TikToks or authors to moderate them even more effectively. In addition, conversario displays your comments on a timeline so that you can see all editing and moderation actions in a history.

Organize your community team

Role rights management is an integral part of conversario. It allows you to create teams in the tool whose members are assigned the roles and rights required to edit the individual channels. The 'Connect' cockpit provides you with other important components for coordinating communication. Thanks to team functionalities, you can ensure that requests from the community can be processed quickly and easily by interdisciplinary teams.

Frank KohlsFrank KohlsHead of Social Media Data, Infrastructure & Development

We have been satisfied conversario users for 4 years. With around 1.5 million comments per month on around 150 social media channels, the software makes our work in social media management easier. The conversario AI's comment categorization saves us a lot of time and nerves. Once it is well fed with data, it not only acts as a moderator around the clock and therefore also during times of absence, such as at night, but also always reliably and with a low error rate.

How can conversario help you with your TikTok management?

Everything at a glance with conversario

The Detail View for TikTok offers you various options and settings to keep an eye on everything:

  • Comments
  • Authors
  • Channels
  • Videos

On the rise with our AI

With conversario, you get a sophisticated AI in your team that supports you quickly and reliably when moderating comments. It offers you real-time protection around the clock, customizable sensitivity (even by time) and transparent moderation so that you retain full control.

Analyze your TikTok audience

Conversario provides you with a good overview of all known authors on your TikTok channels. The Detail View provides you with various options and settings, such as author tags, author notes and moderation lists. You know your community best and with the help of moderation lists, you can group the users of your channels even better and, for example, create allow or block lists.

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Carmen Furtner

Customer Success

Michael Witt


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TikTok is not your channel of choice?

Of course, many other social channels can be connected in conversario. Find out more here.

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